Vouvray Méthode Traditionnelle, Cuvée de la Colinière - Sweet sparkling wine

W hy Cuvée de la Colinière is special? We are using grapes from a specific vineyard plot, which has a unique soil, and offers a complex and matured sparkling wine.

Technical sheet

Festive wine

Service temperature:

6 to 8°


perfect on its owns as an aperitif, pair with sweet dessert or meals


Chenin blanc

A special cuvée, la Cuvée de la Colinière...

L a Colinière is a cadastral parcel of our vineyard where we cultivate many plots.

The soil is more precocious; the grapes will be riper and richer.

These wines will therefore be more complex and generous than with the traditional classic method.

Maison Peltier