Méthode Traditionnelle - Sweet sparkling wine

T he sparkling wine for your special occasion! The freshness in the bubbles will allow you to discover the fruity and floral aromas with each sip. You will experience the richness of our land, the finesse our labour and the elegance of the flavours.

Technical sheet

Festive wine

Service temperature:

6 to 8C


perfect on its owns as an aperitif, pair with sweet dessert or meals


Chenin blanc

Our fine bubbles

O ur sparkling wine is a true demonstration of our rich tradition.

Once bottled, the aim is to make a second fermentation that produces the fine bubbles and carbon dioxide. It involves adding yeast and letting the bottles mature in our tuffeau stone cellars, horizontally, for at least twelve months.

Once the wines have reached perfect maturity, the bottles are turned to displace the sediment of now-dead yeasts that were collected at the neck of the bottle. The final step will be, with the help of a machine, to quickly remove the temporary cork and replace it with a permanent one.

Permanent cork has a stopper held in place by a snout; this is the traditional method previously known as the champenoise method. The traditional method is a production that we have been practicing since the 60's. With its special characteristic, it allows us to stand out from other wine regions.

How long does the traditional method wine age and how long can we keep it? Wine can be kept for several years. However, after a certain period of time, the cork is less airtight and the wine loses its gas. It will then be less sparkling. We advise you to consume our wines with 2-3 years of purchase. They should be laid down and kept at a temperature of 12° with a good hygrometry.

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