The House

More than a century of tradition and know-how

A history & a heritage

Two brothers

Denis & Georges Peltier: the founders of Maison Peltier.


The next generation

Raymond, Georges' son, continued his father's work.

Early 20th Century

Tuffeau cellar

Hugues, Raymond's son, began to dig our famous tufa cellar.


Sale of wines

Hugues took over the family home and started selling wine in bulk and in bottles.


Perpetuation of tradition

Hugues' three sons, Jean-Marie, Vincent and Michel, have followed in their ancestors' footsteps.


Family business

Foundation of the Peltier Frères company, whose activity is exclusively viticultural.


Development of the vineyard

We farm 26 hectares in the Vouvray appellation in the Val-de-Loire.


It all started at the end of the 19th century with Denis and Georges Peltier, when they bought the land and decided to work together as farmers. Denis built the house in 1889, the symbol of our farm today, as well as the barn which allowed him to start farming the vineyard and also a few plots of cereals to feed the horse. He participated in the work of the land.

Raymond, Georges’ son, continued his father’s work. Hugues then took over the exploitation, giving priority to the cultivation of vines. However, the winter of 1962-1963 was extremely cold, and working on the land was impossible. The land remained frozen for more than a month. Hugues decided to keep digging our tuffeau cellar to expand the capacity of storage and improve his facilities. 


Three brothers, same passion!

In 1970, he took over the family house and started selling wine in bulk and in bottles. In 1976, the family owned 5 hectares of vines. In 1990, Hugues’s sons, Jean-Marie, Vincent, and Michel decided to work together and grow the family business. They created the current tasting and sales room. In 2011, they founded the company EARL PELTIER FRÈRES whose activity is exclusively viticultural. The years have passed and with hard work and word of mouth, the Peltier house has acquired a real reputation for the quality of its Vouvray wines. Today, we are proud to be able to welcome you to premises that were extended in 2014. We farm 26 hectares in the Vouvray Appellation, in the Val-de-Loire, to the delight of wine lovers in the Loire.

Maison Peltier