Vouvray Moelleux

Vin Moelleux

Vouvray Moelleux


Moelleux is the result of the concentration of natural sugars in the grapes during a good, sunny summer and autumn. Fall in love with its complex aromas of peach, quince very ripe and honey. This specific wine can last in bottles for decades, and its color turns amber with time.


Accompanying wine.

Food pairings

Perfect on its own as an aperitif, pair well withfruit desserts, or even cheeses

Vintages for sale:

Vouvray Moelleux 2015 ;
– Vouvray Moelleux, réserve 2016 ;

– Vouvray Moelleux 2018, réserve 2018 ;
– Vouvray Moelleux 2020.

100% Chenin
12% Degré d'alcool
11° Température de service

The aperitif wine

Patience is the word we use when we make Moelleux! It is not produced every year; only when the weather conditions are right, which means good temperature and sunny autumn. Le Moelleux Réserve comes from a manual harvest, with a more selective sorting. We chose grapes for their noble rot (dehydrated grapes) or botrytis in wetter years (fungi causing grape rot and concentration).

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