Vouvray Méthode Traditionnelle

Brut & Demi Sec

Vouvray Méthode Traditionnelle


Let yourself be seduced by this wine with floral and fruity notes, a reflection of our terroir: harmonious with character and lots of freshness. It is perfect to accompany all your moments of happiness shared with family or friends.


Festive wine

Food Pairings

Serve as an aperitif, with dessert, and for all the festive moments of life!

100% Chenin
12% Degree of alcohol
Service temperature

Our fine bubbles

This wine is made using the traditional method. The objective is to provoke a new fermentation in the bottle to obtain the fine bubbles and consequently the carbonic gas. It is generated by yeasts that are added during the bottling process. This stage takes a minimum of 12 months and results in a deposit. Once the wines have reached perfect maturity, the bottles are turned to displace the sediment of now-dead yeasts that were collected at the neck of the bottle.

Then comes the disgorgement, which consists in uncapping the bottle and immediately, the gas obtained will expel the deposit The addition of wine will compensate for the loss caused during handling. The bottle will be corked this time with a cork held in place by a corkscrew; this is the traditional method formerly known as the méthode champenoise.

The traditional brut and demi-sec method has been produced since the 60s. With its long history, the Vouvray Appellation d’origine contrôlée (AOC) allows us to stand out from other wine regions. How long does the traditional method wine age and how long can we keep it? Wine can be kept for several years However, after a certain period of time, the cork is less airtight and the wine loses its gas. It will then be less sparkling.

We advise you to consume our wines with 2-3 years of purchase. They should be laid down and kept at a temperature of 12° with a good hygrometry.

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