Tradition & Savoir-Faire

Un savoir-faire ancestral

Des passionnés

The methods and savoir-faire of Maison Peltier have changed with technology and the different generations that have succeeded one another.

In 1920, George and Denis built a barn to install a wine press. A few years later, Hugues introduced using a wine tractor instead of horses. This helped speed up the process to maintain the soil and reap the grapes.

In 1963, he also bought the first automatic wine press, which positively impacted the harvest. The grape harvesting machine appeared on the market at the end of 1980, what a revolution for us!

Known locally as tuffeau, the subsoil of the Loire Valley is limestone. In this stone, Jean-Marie, Vincent, and Michel have dug a labyrinthine cellar under the vines to store our bottles. It ensures aging at a constant temperature of 12 degrees.

We are constantly trying to improve our impact on the planet. We deeply believe that with a reasoned fight that is to say, and thoughtful use of the phytosanitary products, to preserve at best the environment and the authenticity of its soil, we will provide the best of Vouvray terror.





Maison Peltier