Vouvray Sec

Vin Sec

Vouvray Sec


Young vintage will provide you citrus and floral taste, ideal for seafood meals. Over time, it develops an aroma of ripe fruits.


Accompanying wine.

Food pairings

To serve with seafood, dishes with white sauces, and vegetables

Vintages for sale:

– Vouvray Sec 2020 ;
– Vouvray Sec 2021.

100% Chenin
12% Degree of alcohol
11° Service temperature

The Vouvray Sec shares its secret!

What we like about dry Vouvray wine is its little notes of fruits and acidity. You could store it for decades and still discover new flavors each year. With old vintage, it will become more complex and alcoholic. The Vouvray Dry 2018 differs from the Dry 2019 by its generosity and roundness. The 2019 one will be fresher.

Maison Peltier