Maison Peltier

Region Chançay, rich and delicate wines

The Peltier House is a family estate in Vouvray A0C which is situated on the right bank of la Loire to the east of Tours and near Amboise.

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Vouvray Traditional method Brut or demi sec

Le Vouvray Méthode traditionnelle Brut ou demi sec Vouvray has become the sparkling capacity and with this quality allows the development of fine sparkling Vouvray wine.

Vouvray Cuvée Traditional method of Coliniere

Le Vouvray Méthode traditionnelle Cuvée de la Coliniere The traditional method of Cuvée of Colinière uses a terroir wine, which has a very strong flavour, offering more complexity.

Vouvray Sec

    Vouvray Sec A young wine, the Vouvray Sec is a floral wine with very strong citrus notes, that with age develops a wealth of aromas including ripe fruit notes.

Vouvray Demi sec

Vouvray Demi sec  The semi-dry is an unusual wine that has the distinction of having a certain freshness while preserving a pleasant sweetness. This enjoyable wine is perhaps one of the most popular due to its smoothness.

Vouvray Moelleux

Vouvray Soft  The wine is made from grapes ripening on when in the autumn is favorable. Its complex flavors call to mind fishing, very ripe quince, honey. This is a wine that is predisposed to age.

Sparkling grape juice

    jusderaisinpétillant To entertain the children who come to the cellar we offer a sparkling grape juice that brings to mind the sensation of biting a grape.